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Hot off the press, Joe Hearn’s interview with Philip Cozzolino of Newport this week.  Joe and Phil had a wide ranging conversation about INvolve Newport’s mission and vision for the city.  Special thanks to Phil and Lynne Tungett for their reporting and for the many contributions of Newport this Week to our fair city. 

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The interview focused on our organization, the leadership team, our link to the past work of the Alliance for a Livable Newport and our goals for the organization.  Great to have our friend and Advisor John Hirschboeck for his commenting and contributing.

Joe spoke about the commitment of the leadership and the volunteers to the new organization:

“Excitement is the wrong word, because excitement can wane,” he said. “I think for us it comes more from a sense of responsibility, not only to our community, but our family and neighbors. Quite honestly, this kind of work is a long slog. All of us have other responsibilities. But if you feel deeply for the community, if you have a deep level of interest in your neighbors and this community, that will hopefully keep us driving.”

See the full article here:

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