Charter Review Ballot Measure

At the beginning of this year, a volunteer Charter Review Commission began looking over the city’s foundational document for the first time since 2014. 

In May, after 14 public meetings, the seven-member commission — consisting of Bari Freeman, Mike Rego, Stephanie Smyth, Susan Taylor, John Trifero, Guy Weston and Chair Maureen Cronin Marosits — compiled a 171-page final report on the changes, big and small, and made recommendations to the city council for inclusion in the November ballots.

Out of the 37 revisions to City Charter recommended by the Charter Review Commission, the City Council approved 5 updates upon which voters can decide in November’s election.

There has been considerable disappointment in the community regarding the narrow approvals for ballot measures.  To better understand these perspectives you can read Ron Becker’s letter to the editor HERE

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