Noisy Newport, Rackets, Ruckus and Recklessness.

We’ve been hearing hearing from our friends neighbors, and IN members that it seem like we’ve come through the noisiest summer in recent memory. Much of that noise coming from Cars, Trucks and Motor Cycles either being improperly operated or set up to make a noisy impression. Newport has ordinances against these activities however abuses have absolutely been happening. You might be interested to know that there has been a concerted effort by residents in several neighborhoods including the Point, Historic Hill, Ocean Drive and Top of the Hill Neighborhoods to address the growing Roar.

These conversations began in the spring and were discussed in person with the City and the Newport Police Department.

If you’re curious about vehicular noise and why some of these vehicles are set up to cause a racket you can check out some information on this recent Car Talk Article.

If you have concerns about noise here in Newport and would like to add your voice to the conversation. send us an email at and we’ll get you in INvolved

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