LAG and HEZ publish Strategy for North End

North End Strategy

Recently our Friends at Newport Health Equity Zone (HEZ) and the Local Advisory Group (LAG) recently released a strategy plan for The North End of Newport.  This plan was officially recognized by the State and awarded a special designation from from Grow Smart Rhode Island.

The North End Equitable Development Strategy (attached) lays out the six priorities of North End residents.  They are:

  • Community empowerment
  • Housing affordability and mitigating displacement of existing residents
  • Public access to high-quality open, green, and civic spaces
  • Neighborhood development—including locally-oriented retail and services and cultural amenities
  • Workforce development and economic diversification
  • Road safety and connectivity

The Strategy shows what success would look like in those priority areas, tools for achieving equity success, the short-term and long-term actions, challenges, and potential partners.  The Strategy builds on the previous achievements of the Local Advisory Group – the amendments to the Innovation Hub Zoning Ordinances and the Grow Smart RI Policy Award

You can learn more about the strategy by watching the attached video.

Special Shout out to Rex Lebeau, Angela McCalla, Maggie Martin and Natalie Harris for lifting up voices of neighbors and friends.

And you can see the plan in its full form (pdf) HERE

For more information on the Smart Growth Awards and Grow Smart Rhode Island click HERE

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