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Presented by Involve Newport, Newport This Week, the League of Women Voters of  Newport County and the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee.  Special thanks to Involve Newport for hosting these forums. 

Newport School Committee Candidate Forum

Thursday, September 29, 6:30 pm, Involve Newport


Curriculum and Resources 16:48 – Curriculum and Resources

Q: The demographics of Newport’s school age population are shifting. Newport Public Schools currently has 18.5% – nearly 1 in 5 – students in the English Learners (EL) program, as compared to just 3% ten years ago. Has Newport Public Schools been able to dedicate sufficient resources to address this trendline, and what is your vision for how this program will continue to evolve moving forward?

Academic Proficiency: 25:50 – Academic Proficiency within Newport Schools

Q: Newport Public Schools currently rank in the bottom half of school districts in the state according to student test scores. What do you believe are the primary causes of low test scores, what should be done to address them, and additionally how will you work to overcome the stigma associated with low rankings and be an ambassador for Newport Public Schools?

Operating Budget 35:00 – Operating Budget

Q: Newport Public Schools, like many municipal entities currently, are carrying a significant surplus due to an influx of COVID relief funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Can you describe your understanding of what ARPA funds are available and how you believe they should be expended?

Regionalization 43:28 – Regionalization

Q: What pros, cons and risks do you see with the current proposal to combine the Newport and Middletown school districts? If elected, how would you guide a conversation with Middletown/Newport about regionalization?

Staffing: (audience submitted) 59:30 – Staffing

Q: During of time of staffing shortages Nationwide, Newport is no exception. Do you feel Newport Public Schools provides an attractive, competitive, employment opportunity? Why or Why Not?

Best Practices (audience submitted) 1:08:00 – Best Practices

Q: What Best Practices are you aware of to address some of the pressing issues facing students, such as; school safety, mental health, or the prevention of bullying that you feel should be introduced to our schools.

You can access these questions via timestamp or click on the chapters in the video, (you may need to click the SHOW MORE link below the video)

0:00 – Introduction

4:50 – Candidate Opening Statements

16:48 – Curriculum and Resources

25:50 – Academic Proficiency within Newport Schools

35:00 – Operating Budget

43:28 – Regionalization

59:30 – Staffing

1:08:00 – Best Practices

1:17:00 – Candidate Closing Statements

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