Preview of Newport City Council Meeting 2/8/2023

Please join us on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at the 6:30 pm City Council meeting in the Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of City Hall.

During this Wednesday’s City Council meeting, the Council will take action on five resolutions intended to address housing affordability in the City.  

Resolutions – To Be Voted Upon 

  • Short Term Rentals – to direct the “City management [to] conduct a review of the current fee structure and enforcement resources for Short Term Rentals and propose any modifications…” and “that the City provide the Council monthly reporting of the number of Short Term Rentals currently permitted in the City, number of applications pending, and number of violations of the City’s Short Term Rental ordinance.”  This resolution does not identify a specific timeline but rather directs that “City management propose any modifications to be included as part of the City’s FY24 budget.” (Carlin, Khamsyvoravong, Aramli)
  • Zoning Code – to direct that “the City staff provide Council with workplan and budget request for a comprehensive review and modernization of the City’s Zoning Code, by June 30, 2023.” (Carlin, Khamsyvoravong, Aramli, Holder, Ceglie)
  • Zoning/Historical Ordinances – “that the Council … provide policy directives to support the staff’s review and update of existing zoning and historical zoning ordinances to be more objective and affordable for homeowners” and “that the Council and staff work to deliver initial proposals for ordinance revisions by June 30, 2023.” (Carlin, Khamsyvoravong, Aramli, Holder)
  • Accessory Dwelling Units – to direct “that the City management, in coordination with the Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Historic District Commission, community stakeholders and individual Councilors, provide proposed ordinances and policies to incentivize the creation of Accessory Dwelling units for occupancy by Newport residents by June 30, 2023.” (Carlin, Khamsyvoravong, Aramli, Holder)
  • Vacant City buildings – “that the City consider reopening its Request for Proposals for the Coggeshall School” and “provide a roster of all vacant municipal buildings, including current conditions and estimated timelines for potential redevelopment…at a date not later than September 30, 2023.” (Carlin, Khamsyvoravong)

Ordinance Changes – To Be Voted Upon

  • Changes to the Two Tier Residential Property Tax Program to:
    • add active-duty military orders as an acceptable proof of residency
    • clarify that an owner of a property that has two units in which the owner resides in one unit and does not rent out the second unit but uses it for their own personal space may qualify for the owner-occupied residential rate

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