Noisy Newport, November 2022 Update

Back in September we related a citizen led effort to engage City Government to address what seems to be a rising wave of noise pollution.

See: iN “Noisy Newport, Rackets, Ruckus and Recklessness”  We’re delighted to see that the efforts of our friends and neighbors has resulted in some real cooperation with city hall.  Newport this Week reports that our ‘fair city’ may be the first in Rhode Island to pilot Automatic Noise enforcement.  There are many details to be addressed by all parties but the first cooperative steps are are encouraging.

Deep appreciation to our neighbors and friends for taking the time to get iNvolved with our City leadership and special thanks to the administrators and officers for digging in to the issue and its complexities.

We encourage all to follow along.  If you have concerns about noise here in Newport and would like to add your voice to the conversation. send us an email at and we’ll get you in INvolved”

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